Steven Semco

Software Developer.
Artist. Dreamer.

In the year 2020 our lives were thrown into turmoil by the pandemic and my career in restaurants came to an abrupt end. It was in this chaos that I found the courage to make the career change from cook to developer. I grew up with computers and have always been fascinated with technology, so with the right nudge I set foot on this new journey.

I am a Software Engineer based in the Denver/Colorado Springs metro areas who has graduated from the Software Engineering Immersive course at General Assembly and I am actively pursing my Computer Science degree. I am also an artist and muralist, that has multiple murals in the Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs areas. My passion for creation and creativity is a driving factor in both of these endeavors. It was at the crossroads of these interests that I was first inspired to learn to code. My character, determination and work-ethic was forged in the fires of the many years I spent working the line of commercial kitchens.

In December of 2021 I took up a role as a Front End Developer with Persado. By utilizing Javascript, I help implement web tests for our clients.


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All City

Graffiti and Street Art focused social media application akin to Instagram, built using React Native and live on TestFlight. This mobile application allows users to check out graffiti and street art from around the globe, post their own pictures, as well as like and comment on their favorite pieces. The API was built using Django and deployed to Heroku. I initially came up with the idea for this application and filled a creative director/lead position with three other developers in this project.

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Hip Hop based card-battling game built using vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Inspired by games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. All assets were created using GIMP, featuring over 30 different rappers.

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Bahnhof, meaning train station in German, is a multipurpose productivity application built using the React JavaScript library. Featuring tools like weather, cryptocurrency statistics, headline news and a to-do list. This application utilizes multiple API's to populate the user interface.

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gitNoms is an open-source recipe platform built using React, Bootstrap and MongoDB. Featuring full CRUD functionality, it's geared towards the coder turned cook! During the development of this fullstack application I was project lead with three developers working with me.


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When I'm not coding, I'm chasing other passions of mine, like art. While the mediums change, my biggest focus is murals and street art. I have painted a handful of murals in the Colorado Springs area and I hope to spread my work as far as I can. There is something magical about creating colorful artwork where there were once only drab walls. I also run a small Etsy shop to sell pieces of art that I have made.

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come together mural
Come Together
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flower mandala mural
Flower Mandala
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flower mural
Secret Garden
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mandala mural
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space crystal mural
Space Crystals

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